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been jumped into the cult yet." - Glide

"An instant classic." - The Fire Note

"If calling it "pop" is too generalist and vague for these peculiar song-poems, perhaps "odd-pop" captures the balance struck here, between the accessible and the idiosyncratic, the gut and the dreaming brain." - The Memphis Flyer


Photo by Chris Almeida


GBV UK/EU Live 2019

“GBV play epic two hour set at their first UK show in 15 years” - The Line of Best Fit

"A performance of peerless brilliance. 5 stars." - NME

"A simply astounding, mammoth, inspiring set from the indie rock heroes..." - Clash

"This prolific and much-loved indie-rock band bashed out an impressive sweat-soaked two-hour set of short but sweet punky songs" - The Times

“It was rammed, ecstatic, celebratory.” - The Quietus

“Golden Star for Guided By Voices” - 3voor12

Album Reviews

Warp_frontcover (1).jpg

Guided By Voices - Warp And Woof

"...their hot streak continues with this new record." - Paste Magazine

"It's up there with some of their best... this is the pinnacle so far of the current GBV reformation, reaching in parts the high calibre of classic era albums like Alien Lanes and Under The Bushes Under The Stars." - The Quietus

"...grips the listener and refuses to let go. This album plays as a consistent, brilliant album from beginning to end." - Spill Magazine

"4.5/5 - This is a band on a mission." - The Fire Note

"'s a whole lot of fun. Who would have guessed that GBV would be in the midst of a new golden era 15 years after they first broke up?" - Allmusic

"So much rock goodness here. What are you waiting for? Start listening!" - Audiophile

"Warp and Woof teems with aliveness." - The Talkhouse


Guided By Voices - Zeppelin Over China

Exclusive Album Premiere: Robert Pollard Talks Guided By Voices' Massive New Album 'Zeppelin Over China' - Gothamist

"It is somehow surprising that a release from an artist with over 100 albums to their name can sound so inventive and new, but at the same time, it’s completely unsurprising and outright expected when that artist is Robert Pollard." - The Spill Magazine

"Zeppelin Over China’s 32 songs provide plenty of high-energy rockers, mid-tempo contemplations and just enough general weirdness to let you know that this is, indeed, a Guided by Voices record." - Spectrum Culture

"The opening stretch alone offers babbling, sinewy post-punk, dreamy jangle pop and an ominous dirge in quick succession, while other stretches yield delicate filigrees of chamber pop, lysergic behemoths and heavy slabs of concrete rock. It's everything you've ever loved about Guided By Voices, all smashed together in one record.” - The Line of Best Fit

"GBV is relevant and releasing material every bit as good as their heyday. Hell, maybe this is their heyday. There is no doubt that this is the most talented group Pollard has ever put together." - The Fire Note