We are extremely excited to announce that GUIDED BY VOICES will be appearing at Primavera Sound Festival 2019 in Barcelona (May 30) and Porto (June 7). This will be GBV’s first return to Spain since 1997 and their first time ever in Portugal. GBV has played just one show in Europe (2011) in the past 15 years.

In celebration of this news, we are opportunely sneaking out a preview song today, titled "My Future In Barcelona", from GBV's forthcoming epic double album, Zeppelin Over China, (in stores on February 1).

100 Dougs + Wine Cork Stonehenge 7" Vinyl EPs

100 Dougs  (left) +  Wine Cork Stonehenge  (right)

100 Dougs (left) + Wine Cork Stonehenge (right)

Guided By Voices will release two new 7” vinyl EPs December 7, 2018.

You can preorder both now via Rockathon Records

Listen to “Cohesive Scoops” off 100 Dougs now on Magnet Magazine

After 2018’s critically acclaimed Space Gun LP and a string of jaw-dropping, sold-out shows, GUIDED BY VOICES has announced a sprawling double-album, Zeppelin Over China to be released on February 1. But before this one has even made it to stores, Robert Pollard has written and recorded another full-length in record-breaking time. It’s Warp and Woof (April 2019), exuberantly barreling through 24 songs in just 37 minutes with a brevity similar to mid-90s GBV albums Alien Lanes and Vampire On Titus. GBV kicked this one out in a flash, recorded in studios, club soundchecks, hotel rooms and even in the tour van. And because you can never have too much GBV, the album is being teased on four vinyl-only (1000 copies) limited edition 7-inch EPs: Winecork Stonehenge and 100 Dougs will be released on December 7, Umlaut Over The Özone and 1901 Acid Rock in March. 

Cash Rivers And The Sinners Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal And The Vertical


Orchestrated horseshit from Cash Rivers! The Sinners sell out on this 69-track psychedelic tour de force spanning genres such as country, western, country & western, rock, pop, reggae, punk, metal, hip-hop, disco, swing, children's, surf, glam, post-punk and doo-wop. 

HAHA it's madness.

Cash Rivers And The Sinners Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Horizontal And The Vertical will be available for purchase October 26th.

Pre-order yours here: